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05 December 2015 / / Howto / Did_You_Know
Check process when using dd Like most of you know the dd command is lacking output. When you are burning a image or similar to a USB stick is in general a long wait without knowing the progress. What? the command dd has know output when running for example: sudo dd if=~/linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdb1 oflag=direct bs=1048576 shows no output, is just finished when done. for a slow USB disk or a large image that can be some time.
Submodules with git Just recently a was working on a presentation for a event that my boss organizes. I stumbled across a nice thing you can do with Git. The presentation is created in Reveal.js the aspect that i like about it that you can treat your presentation as code. Still working on the subject to do it with AsciiDoc. On the latter; The documentation says it should be easy but I do not have enough control on the output.
TheMaven Site plugin uses by default theapt format. Although it is a simple and straight forward format I personally prefer the Confluence markup and DocBook. Confluence I use for my personal Wiki and at various projects I use DocBook for the documentation. Under the hood of theMaven site plugin runs the Doxia plugin. The documentation of the Site plugin is not really clear on this part. I stumbled on this some time ago.