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07 October 2016 / / Maven / Java / Howto / Github / neo4j
This post is part of a multipart series about creating a graph off all available Maven dependencies. This article describes the drivers behind and the implementation of the Unmanaged Neo4j Extension written for our Maven graph analysis. When a the processing cluster is sending the sub graphs that need to be merged into a single database locking issues will occur. We opted to use a queuing mechanism to prevent. From the choices we had to implement this as a component for the Neo4J server we choose to this as a unmanaged extension.
Video of code & comedy Recently Casper Koning and myself did a presentation about machine learning and motion sensors titled: Are you doing it the right way. The presentation explains the steps we have taken on how to utilize a motion detector and machine learning to predict the execution of an exercise. The general idea behind it is that when a subject does a exercise a feedback is required in order to do it efficiently and correctly.