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15 April 2014 / / Java / ME
In the previous post I started out happy on enrolling with the Embedded course from Oracle. But i got hit in the face for not running a Windows-based development environment. A well installing a VirtualBox is not that hard i thought. To be honest it is once you figured out all the specifics. The following is a list of actions I performed to get it up and running. Install VirtualBox The site actually provides an excellent description on how to install it on a Debian based system.
08 April 2014 / / Java / ME
Just recently I showed interest for the oracle class for Java Embedded. Since I always had an interest for hardware and similar things I thought this is an opportunity. Getting the hardware imposed to be a problem. The preferred supplier could not deliver the goods in any reasonable time frame, or at least I was told so by a colleague. But my employer arranged a study group. They even supplied us with the required hardware.