18 June 2015
This document describes on how to configure a Storm cluster on a set of Ubuntu servers. This guide describes the process on the Azure platform, there are a few specifics, inhouse servers are configured simular. You might think we do it like this, well I wanted te experiance to setup a cluster in the real world. Azure provides a Storm cluster with a few clicks but thats another story. So you are planning to use Storm on Azure, just take the short cut and select HDInsight from the Azure management console and
22 April 2015
Since the intruduction of CDI in java a lot has changed. For personally i started to move away from spring applications. As a result the testing became less obvious, but Arquillian came to the rescue. For the Dutch Java User group NLJUG I wrote an article that can be used as a basic primer including some common practices towards using Arquillian effectivly. The article can be found at NLJUG Article database, Arquillian 101 .
10 February 2015 / Maven / Java / JAX-WS
The latest JAX-WS standards make the implementation of a webservice a breeze. lately i needed to implement a client from which a WSDL is available. That proces is simple, but the client has issues when starting, the WSDL defined in the generated code is not available. In this post i describe a (the) solution to overcome this. By means of the maven jax-ws plugin it is simple to generate all the required code for the client implementation.
31 January 2015 / ghost / theme / html / css
As some may have noticed the look and feel of my site has changed quite a bit. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted the change, but the main thing is, wordpress is a bloat. The update frequency is high and you get a lot of hackers to your site. (Are they randomly checking sites?). And since there are quit a few examples of holes in the security i dont wanted this any more.
23 December 2014 / Java / fun
For Java: After importing java.awt.right.foot.* import java.awt.gun.right.hand.* And writing the classes and methods of those classes needed, you’ve forgotten what the hell you’re doing.  More languages can be found at: The real mighty Guru