Forgot your password in RemoteNG?

Since I always have problems with remembering passwords and do like to generate those password managers are a bliss!

For telnet/ssh connections I use the RemoteNG tool, great for managing your connections to all your servers. Problem is some servers require me to change my password every so often. The application is secure in the sense that the passwords are not stored as plain text in the configuration file. But what was the password that I must supply before i can change it.

With a simple trick you can reveal the password, the following steps show how to do this:

Created a new external tool by selecting ‘Tools’ -> ‘External Tools’, Right click and select ‘New External Tool’


At the bottom of the application window you should enter: externaltools2

Now go to your connection for which you need to reveal the password and run the external tool:


Once you execute the external tool you get a windows box that displays the stored password in plain text.