Getting_Started with Java ME

Just recently I showed interest for the oracle class for Java Embedded. Since I always had an interest for hardware and similar things I thought this is an opportunity. Getting the hardware imposed to be a problem. The preferred supplier could not deliver the goods in any reasonable time frame, or at least I was told so by a colleague. But my employer arranged a study group. They even supplied us with the required hardware.

But man i should have read the prerequisites! Never thought that is was possible that a course that is targeted at a Linux-based platform required for me to get a Windows system up and running. As a developer I have a strong disbelieve in the windows platform. Call it biased but I like my Linux system :-).

At first I was ignorant and attempted to start hacking with my Linux box and pursue anyway. Up to a certain point it’s no issue but the development stops quite quickly. The ME JDK is only available as a Windows download.

Next steps, get Windows up and running on my Linux box.