Created my own mashup of Ghost themes

As some may have noticed the look and feel of my site has changed quite a bit.

There are a couple of reasons why I wanted the change, but the main thing is, wordpress is a bloat. The update frequency is high and you get a lot of hackers to your site. (Are they randomly checking sites?). And since there are quit a few examples of holes in the security i dont wanted this any more.

For long I wanted to change to the Ghost blogging framework. It looked cool and simple. And better the control over the layout is a lot simpler than that of Wordpress. And since I am not a frontend developer thats a big plus.

Ok Ghost as a platform and then what, you do need some kind of layout. The default theme of Ghost, is ok but its not want I wanted.

Thus I started searching for a theme that matched my personal likes. And man there are quite a few out there. Some paid and quite a few are for free.

But after checking them out there was not one theme that fitted my likes. Damn, there i go again, must do it myself. Not being a frontend man this is quite a challenge. I ended up with the following scheme:

  • Pick themes that have some thing you like.
  • Identify the elements you like.
  • Try and merge them.

And you can see the results here. The main input for the themes are:

The result of the mashup i call Elucidating Casper. Mainly because the main source is the Casper theme and my site name is Elucidator the name is from the word Elucidate

You can download the theme from github (