Weird distribution scheme

Just recently I was looking for the book:   Kirk Knoernschild’s Java Application Architecture Modularity Patterns with Examples Using OSGi. A co-worker advised this book for an internal research project on OSGi.

As usual I want to book quickly. My local book shop could not deliver thus the internet is the solution to my quest. Undecided on getting the e-Book or paperback I searched for both. To my surprise I got these results.

  • E-book version:
  • Paper back version:

I Could not believe what I saw. The e-book version is more expensive than the paper-back? and that includes shipping?

I still don’t get it! How can a e-book variant of the same book be more expensive. There is no shipping, handling cost, manual labor, …. The electronic version can be processed automatically. Sure some hardware investments but my assumption is that they have that in place for all e-books they sell.