17 May 2017 / Scala / Akka / Java
We all know the classic Consumer-producer programming exercise. There is even an entire wiki page available for it. In this article, I start out with the classic implementation that is used in the Java land. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach, some issues can arise when using this implementation. What happens if we do not have control over the producer and want him to wait with sending new data to use (Backpressure), Errors during the processing (Fault tolerance)
16 May 2017 / Howto / Apache / zeppelin / databricks / Spark
#Databricks v.s. Zeppelin This article is about data exploration and two of the main tools that are currently available on the market, Databricks community and Apache Zeppelin Both Zeppelin and Databricks provide a similar interface to explore your data. #Data exploration In the world of Big data exploration of the initial data set is one of the first steps you take. Although in some cases Number or Excel will to the trick when the data set has a realistic size it won’t work anymore.
03 February 2017 / Howto / Apache / SSL / Security
This is the third article in the series of hardening this webserver. If you have not read them, please read: Protecting my Webserver and SSL Cypher hardening. In this article, I show the usage of the Content-Security-Policy header. This header helps you reduce XSS risks on modern browsers by declaring what dynamic resources are allowed to load via an HTTP Header. Why use the CSP header Ok, we have this header but what will it do for my site.
In general, I do not repost articles written by others, but this one got my attention. Sean Toner write this nice article about Functional programming and the notion of Pure functions. Have a read on DZone: Functional Programming Is Not What You (Probably) Think
31 December 2016 / Howto / Apache / SSL / Security
I the previous post I described simple actions that you can take to harden your web server. It showed you headers that you can alter without too much interference on the functioning. In this post, I go into more details on the TLS connection itself. The modern browser does quite a lot when a TSL connection is established. There are multiple versions available to initiate a TLS/SSL connection. Not all of the supported versions are secure.