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10 February 2015 / / Maven / Java / JAX-WS
The latest JAX-WS standards make the implementation of a webservice a breeze. lately i needed to implement a client from which a WSDL is available. That proces is simple, but the client has issues when starting, the WSDL defined in the generated code is not available. In this post i describe a (the) solution to overcome this. By means of the maven jax-ws plugin it is simple to generate all the required code for the client implementation.
05 September 2014 / / Java / JAX-WS
Since the introduction of the JAX-WS in Java EE building SOAP web-services have never been easier (as compared to i.e. Spring WS). Just a few annotations and you are up and running. Disadvantage of this all is that it always goes from a Contract first or Java first approach. While in a lot of environments this is the case, situations are there when its a mixed case. Just recently I ran into the mixed case.