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It has been some time ago that an article of mine got published in the Dutch JUG. Attached in the article i wrote. It’s in dutch :-) De toegevoegde waarde van Craftmanship (The added value of Craftmanship)
04 September 2013 / / Metaphor / Rambling
Just a couple of days ago I went to the IKEA to get some cabinets for my son’s room. Why IKEA you might ask, but they have a good price v.s. quality. The cabinets I bought set me back about € 500,- instead of a €2000,- when build by a carpenter. While putting them together with my 6 year old son I thought of this title. Only thing missing was the content of the post.
We as professional software developers or better Software craftsman are proud of out work. When the product is finished we are delivered a working application that complies to all requirements specified, the functional, non-functional and last but not least of coding standards. There are plenty of articles that define some form of coding standard is important. It does not matter if you use the Sun code conventions, Maven conventions or some other ‘obscure’ definition.