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Recently Casper Koning and myself did a presentation about machine learning and motion sensors titled: Are you doing it the right way.

The presentation explains the steps we have taken on how to utilize a motion detector and machine learning to predict the execution of an exercise. The general idea behind it is that when a subject does a exercise a feedback is required in order to do it efficiently and correctly.

The usage of motion sensors and machine learning in for example physical therapy are endless. The market is looking for ways to implement sensors and activities. Just recently (On CES) Intel introduced the Curie.

The IntelĀ® Curieā„¢ module features Bluetooth* Low Energy and a 6-axis combo sensor that includes accelerometers and gyroscopes, so you can keep tabs on what matters.

This and other small devices that getting on the market a whole new world on motion sensing and processing is gets opened up.

Personally I cant wait to get my hands on a few of those to start experimenting on various motions to see if we can make a ML algorithm a certain movements.

Without further adoo, take a look at the talk we did, The other talks of the event are available on youtube as well.

For more info either contect me or checkout the source code and presentation